China - (Owner Info) by IMEI+UDID 100%


☆ Direct Source of China ☆

Note: The owner account must be registered in China Address. So we can think it that the device was purchased from China & present owner is of China.


:::Refund Conditions:::

1. Wrong IMEI : No Refund

2. Wrong UDID : No Refund

3. Wrong INFO : Full Refund

4. Warranty : 24 Hours

5. Wrong Submission : No Refund

 INFO VERIFICATION: You have to veeify the info under 24h. Match the info with hint ID of activation screen. If match then info is correct. If doesn't match then Upload a full clear video of IMEI & ID hint of screen in YouTube. Then send us the video link via Email:


Delivery Time: 1-24 Hours

Bulk Orders Allowed: No

Submit To Verify Allowed: No

Order Cancel Allowed: No

Service Type: Server

Order Type: IMEI

Order Processing: Manual